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River Market District Panorama - Little Rock, Arkansas

This panorama just kind of happened on the fly.  I was walking over the walking bridge by the Clinton Library, just kind of watching the sun set and looking for inspiration for some other shoot ideas, when I decided to grab a panorama of the sunset.  It was actually the first time I've ever done a panorama this way!  I finally decided to expose the image using -2,0,+2 HDR technique in order to bring out the color details of the buildings and also properly expose most of the sky.  Here's a the technical info on the picture:

  • Canon 6D 
  • Canon 135mm f/2L
  • ProMaster Variable ND Filter 1-8 stop
  • Exposure Technique: HDR
  • HDR Processor: Photomatix
  • Panorama Stitching: Photoshop
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