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Haw Creek Falls | Arkansas Nature Photography

My wife and I, and Aston, decided a few weekends ago to visit a couple of waterfalls.  We didn't take into account the very obvious fact that it hasn't rained here in Arkansas in quite some time, so there wouldn't be much of a waterfall...  nevertheless, it made for a nice drive and a fun time!  Haw Creek Falls is an amazing secluded campsite and waterfall area that is literally right off the road (but the Hwy doesn't get very much traffic so it's not annoying).  If you are driving up Interstate 40 from Little Rock and Conway, take the Scenic Hwy 7 exit in Russellville and head north into the Ozarks.  Right after you pass through all the little towns on Hwy 7 (only about 20 minutes down the Hwy from the Interstate), take a left for Hwy. 164 until you reach Hagarville, then take a right (I think it's more like a straight, I can't really remember though) for Hwy. 123.  Drive along Hwy 123 until you reach the Haw Creek Falls campsite, which will be on your right after about 20-30 minutes.  Another, much easier but longer way to get there, is to take Hwy 7 all the way up until you reach the 123-16 split (Meaning on the left is Hwy 123 and on the right is Hwy 16).  Take 123 on the left and drive like 15 minutes – the campsite and falls are on your left.  An equal distance down Hwy 16 on your right of Hwy 7 is Pedestal Rocks, Kings Bluff Falls, and Falling Water Falls.  

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