Brad Fugere

Filmmaking //

Although I love photography, most of my time is spent working as the lead DP and filmmaker at FLUX Creative, my commercial video production company that I started in 2017.  I really love working with my commercial video clients to produce meaningful videos that will gain attention and help my clients grow.  If you're curious as to what kind of work I do over at FLUX, check us out!


Photography //

Art has always been a huge part of my life, starting in high school with music.  I played saxophone in band and fell in love with music and performance.  After attending Henderson State University as a freshman in 2012, I began growing bored with music and turned my attention to a new art form - photography and video production.  The switch to photography and video production was not altogether random though... I had witnessed a fellow student follow succeed in the field and became quite intrigued with the idea of running my own photo and video studio.  After a few months, I bought my first camera and began to learn everything I could about photography and video production.  To this day, photography is an obsession that I am blessed to call my job.


Personal //

Although as of writing this, I am only 23, I have hit several milestones in my life that I am proud of.  The first of which (going in order of importance) is my marriage to my wife and best friend Tyler.  After dating throughout high school and most of college, Tyler and I got married on May 10, 2014.  Tyler is an graduate of Ouachita Baptist University and currently attends the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences where she is a second year medical student.  The second milestone I am proud of achieving is graduating college in 2015.  Although I was hesitant to continue to go for a while and still maintain the attitude that it is not necessary for every high school graduate to go to college, I am proud of graduating (mainly because it is over!).  

When I am not learning new photography and video production techniques, I enjoy being outdoors.  I particularly enjoy being adventurous outdoors.  Tyler and I recently drove across the west US to see as many things as we could – Yellowstone, Yosemite, Sequoia, San Fransisco, Napa Valley, the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, Painted Desert, Zion... seriously, 6500 miles over 10 days.  I also love to try new wines – I'm particularly fond of hefty reds like a Malbec or Cabernet, but I recently tried a Chardonnay in Napa Valley that may have changed my mind.  Aside from new wines and crazy adventures, one of my favorite things to do at home is hang out with my two dogs, Aston and Z.  They are rescued Doberman Pinschers and polar opposites, which makes being at home with them a blast!  

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